Looking back on Mozilla Parks


Towfique Anam RIne:

One of the reason I support Mozilla than Google, proud to be a Mozillian
and will be one till death.

Originally posted on Chelsea Novak:

As David pointed out in his blog post about our parks program, we created some fundraising campaigns in 2010 and 2011 to help illustrate the need to protect the digital spaces we enjoy as well as the physical marvels of nature around the world. Inspired by the program created by Mozilla Japan for Firefox 3.5, Shiretoko, we realized we had a way to explain our mission in a way that a broader audience could understand.

We started in 2010 by partnering with the Madagascar Fauna Group, whose mission was to protect lemur habitats by discouraging deforestation and encouraging education on the island nation of Madagascar. We chose this group because Firefox 3.6 was code named Namoroka for a park in the north of Madagascar. The Mozilla community came together and raised almost $12,000.

The next parks project was for Thunderbird 3.0, which had been codenamed Lanikai after one of…

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